Delivery brandy Tavria AleXX Silver clock in Kiev
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Delivery brandy Tavria AleXX Silver clock in Kiev

Delivery brandy Tavria AleXX Silver

Volume:0.5 l
Excerpt:4 years

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Tasting notes


The color of the brandy is golden.


In the delicate, aromatic cognac is dominated by hints of fruit and flowers.


The brandy has a full, soft flavor, with fruity tones and subtle floral accents. In the aftertaste tones of vanilla, honey and nuts.

Gastronomic combinations

Cognac is good pure, with ice or in combination with coffee. It can be used as an ingredient in alcoholic cocktails.

Interesting Facts

House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" is a large producer of vintage cognacs and wines of Ukraine. The history of this enterprise counts more than hundred years. House of vintage cognacs "Tavria" is on the same parallel with the famous French city, which gave the same name to the noble beverage: the Ukrainian city of New Kakhovka is located on the same 46th parallel as the famous French Cognac. The grapes grown in this land grow under unique natural conditions. This is what professional winemakers call terroir - the totality of soil and climate conditions, predetermining the quality and uniqueness of the taste characteristics of the product obtained from the grown grapes. Nowadays "Tavria" House of vintage cognacs provides not less than a third of domestic premium brandies market and is the leading exporter of vintage cognacs in Ukraine. Tavria company is a top producer of cognac products in Ukraine. Unusual taste and exquisite aroma of vintage and collection cognacs are appreciated by both consumers and professionals. Alexx Silver VS is the first brandy, which was created in Fusion style. And the name "mixed style" is evident not only in the modernist design of the bottle and label, but also in the process of creating brandy and subsequently - in its taste. Brandy is created from a blend of old and young domestic and foreign spirits. To create it, young French and matured Taurian cognac spirits are mixed. The ageing period of Alex brandy is from 4 to 15 years. The taste and the aroma of the brandy are filled with excellent fruity and floral nuances. The drink embodies modern style and new ideas. And Lomka Bar epitomizes the incredibly fast delivery of alcohol in Kiev around the clock. We follow every step of your order.
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