Delivery liqueur Becherovka clock in Kiev
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Delivery liqueur Becherovka clock in Kiev

Delivery liqueur Becherovka

Region:Czech Republic
Manufacturer:jan Becher
Volume:0.7 l

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Tasting notes


The liquor is golden and clear in color.


A thick herbal aroma.


The taste is sweet and bitter-tart at the same time

Gastronomic combinations

Becherovka is excellent as an aperitif and digestif, it is drunk from small glasses. There are many cocktails with it in them.

Interesting Facts

Becherovka is named after the German pharmacist Joseph Vitus Becher, who began selling this drink in 1807. This is a Czech herbal liqueur produced in Karlovy Vary. Initially, this tincture was sold as a liquor for the stomach. Industrial production of Becherovka began in 1841 by Johannes Becher's son. Brand Johann Becher was registered in 1890 by Gustav Becher. In 1945, the Czech Republic deported the German population and within this campaign the Becher family was deported from the country. The production facility was nationalized and the name was changed to Becherivka. After the end of the war the state owned the plant for 57 years. In 2001, the privatization was completed, after which the owner of the company became a French company Pernod Ricard, which is one of the largest brands in the production of alcohol. For the production of Becherovka a mixture of 20 herbs is poured into natural linen bags, filled with alcohol and left for 7 days, and then the concentrate is mixed with water and booze in certain proportions. Infusion is prepared exclusively with local herbs and local water. The dish into which Becherovka is poured has not changed since the time of creation of the drink, and the label has changed a few times. Throughout history Becherovka has received numerous awards and medals, including at the exhibitions in Vladimir and Paris. Today, Becherovka is the signature of Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary is known as a health resort, it is not surprising that the infusion, created there, is in small quantities a medicinal product. Becherovka Original - premium herbal liqueur, its taste is based on a secret recipe, which is over two centuries old. This balanced mixture of herbs, spices, citrus oil, pure water, high alcohol. By no means does the original Becherovka not contain any piece of baking powder or preservatives. This drink has an organic, rich flavor, which makes it ideal for pure drinking mixed with cocktails. Lomka Bar is ready to help you indulge in your favorite cocktail or for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in pure form - always order Becherovka and our curators deliver alcohol tselobodov in Kiev.
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