Delivery liqueur Sambuca Molinari Extra hour in Kiev
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Delivery liqueur Sambuca Molinari Extra hour in Kiev

Delivery liqueur Sambuca Molinari Extra

Style:Liqueur, strong
Volume:1 l

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Tasting notes


Sambuca is pure, transparent in color.


Aroma of the liqueur with notes of anise and Italian herbs.


Sambuca has a sweet taste with characteristic hints of anise.

Gastronomic combinations

Sambuca is great as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

Sambuca was invented in Italy. In 1945 Angelo Molinari, an experienced perfumer, experimented with mixing herbs and berries with wines and spirits, as a result of which he developed a liqueur recipe based on anise and called it Sambuca Extra. He fell asleep the company for the preparation of this drink in the village of Chivitavek'ya, which is located 50 miles from Rome. This is how the history of the Molinari company began. Without fail, Molinari's drink spread throughout Rome thanks to the generosity of Angelo and his sons, who introduced it to restaurateurs. The Sambuca Molinari nappi with grains of cava all over it became a symbol of the worldly era, full of charm, and it inspired Federico Fellini to create the film "Solodka zhizni". Many actors, athletes, various VIPs, including Frank Sinatra, who take part in Molinari promotional campaigns. Production and sales grew by leaps and bounds, and despite this initial success, in 1974 a new plant, Molinari Sud Spa, was opened in Kolfelic with a much higher production level, which broke the record of 60,000 pellets produced per day. This manufacturing complex was created taking into account the constant development of local and foreign markets and is a high-tech facility. Since 1975, after Angelo Molinari's death, his children have continued to promote the Molinari brand worldwide. In 2017 Molinari for the first time decided to update the design of the beach. The shine, flowing lines and new shape, which does not change the shape at all. The new interpretation of the great classics, which brought the brand to the modern world. Book shipping Lomka Bar and your drink will always be in time for any event. An excellent element of the beach is the aluminum cricket, thanks to the new valve allows you to save the quality and freshness of the drink, even if the beverage was already open. Embossed lettering on the glass - a tribute to the history of Sambuka Molinari. The new black "SM" symbol and the silver Molinari signature make the brand recognizable and unique. The main component of Sambuca Molinari Extra - zirkovyj anis - a green tree with a unique malt aroma, flavor and indescribable goodness. Sambuca Molinari Extra is IFS certified and is produced according to particularly precise formulations, which meet ISO 9001 quality standards. This makes Sambuca Molinari Extra products of the highest quality, which is documented. At home or with friends, Sambuca Molinari Extra - the ideal classic that suits for everything. Scrap Bar - the ideal delivery, which tselobodov to Kiev will bring your order.
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