Delivery of beer Grimbergen Blanche night in Kiev
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Delivery of beer Grimbergen Blanche night in Kiev

Delivery of beer Grimbergen Blanche

Style:El, Vitbir, Belgian / French El
Manufacturer:Carlsberg Group, Brand - Grimbergen
Beer:Medium-light, Unfiltered

120 грн

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Tasting notes


Beer light yellow.


Beer light fragrance with citrus tones, complemented by spicy nuances.


The beer has a full, rich flavors with citrus notes, hops and malt.

Gastronomic combinations

Beer is an excellent aperitif, goes well with dishes of Japanese and German cuisine, cheeses, poultry, fish dishes.

Interesting Facts

Grimbergen Blanche is an authentic and savory Abbey beer known for its unique contrast between fruity and other notes.The freshness of citrus aromas, creamy lathers are perfectly combined with notes of spice and bergamot, a trademark of the Abbey Grimbergen.Belgian beer has a long tradition because it has been brewed in Belgium since the 14th century.Once again, the Fathers proved their competence by brewing a refreshing white beer.To achieve the unique character of Abbey beer, they used selected and exclusive raw ingredients. The light yellow color, fine bubbles and aromas of fruit, citrus, cloves and coriander with notes of cereals and vanilla already make Grimbergen Blanche a special treat among white beers, but the subtle taste of bergamot makes it a rare delicacy. The smell is dominated by spices and ripe fruit, to which are added aromas of citrus, coriander and cloves, as well as floral and vanilla notes. A beer with a subtle bitterness balanced by a slight sour taste.Aromas of citrus, bergamot, coriander and yellow fruit add a fruity and spicy flavor. During its centuries-old existence, the Grimbergen Abbey burned several times due to fires, but each time it rose from the ashes. The label now features a Phoenix with the motto "Ardet nec consumitur" - "Burnt but not destroyed." We recommend enjoying the premium Belgian beer with glasses, so you will fully experience the contrast of taste and the palette of aromas. Lomka Bar has a wide range of Belgian beers, in which Grimbergen ranks high on the list of highly recommended intoxicating drinks. When ordering courier delivery in Kiev both day and night, add Grimbergen Blanche to your order, its unique taste and aroma will not leave you indifferent. Grimbergen Blanche is still brewed according to the original recipe of the Grimbergen Abbey.
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