Delivery of beer Miller Genuine Draft night in Kiev
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Delivery of beer Miller Genuine Draft night in Kiev

Delivery of beer Miller Genuine Draft

Region:Czech Republic, Prague
Style:American Standard Lager
Manufacturer:SABMiller, Brand - Miller
Beer:Bright, filtered

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Tasting notes


The beer is golden yellow in color


The aroma of beer contains muted sweetish notes of malt, shades of of grain, corn and herbs.


The taste of the beer is sleek, light, balanced by subtle sweet nuances of malt, grain and hops.

Gastronomic combinations

Beer goes well with barbecue, Indian, Latin American, Thai and Asian dishes, cheeses, shellfish.

Interesting Facts

Miller is said to be a classic American beer. Its beer tradition was created in 1985. It is not pasteurized by high temperatures, but a revolutionary technology of four times cold filtration, due to this feature it differs from all other American beers, and its quality is considered to be the benchmark. Therefore the taste of Miller is light, clean and fresh without pronounced hop bitterness, bright malt flavor or astringency. Miller Genuine Draft Lager is the flagship of the Miller lineup. It immediately won consumer approval among American beers. Now it is brewed in our Chernihiv brewery, using exemplary technological processes and the original formulation, achieving a characteristic refreshing and ultra-soft flavor. The beer is of medium strength and thick foam. Miller Genuine Draft has long been part of the nightlife of urban youth and parties in many major cities around the world. It is created for successful, stylish and free-spirited individuals who want to emphasize their individuality and like to stand out. Miller will be relevant everywhere, on a walk with friends, at a festival or concert. You like the nightlife, then it`s Miller time! Miller's delivery to anywhere in Kiev, day and night, for any reason or no reason, will give you lightness and a pleasant mood. The courier will quickly deliver your favorite drink, and the operator will always offer the best snacks. We will help make your evening special. Miller is a special beer for special events.
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