Delivery of beer Staropramen night in Kiev
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Delivery of beer Staropramen night in Kiev

Delivery of beer Staropramen

Region:Czech Republic
Style:Lagers, Czech lager Pilsner Czech
Manufacturer:Molson Coors
Strength:5 %
Beer:Bright, filtered

90 грн

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Tasting notes


The beer is pure golden in color.


The pleasant aroma of beer is filled with notes of hay, malt, hops herbal undertones, nuances of lemon and bread.


The taste of beer is full, creamy, slightly sweet, with tones of roasted malt, an ideal balance between light bitterness and caramel shades.

Gastronomic combinations

Beer can be consumed with snacks, seafood, fish, salads, vegetables, white meat.

Interesting Facts

Perhaps everyone knows Staropramen beer, the globally popular Czech pilsner. The original recipe for this low-alcohol drink has remained original since 1869. The brewers made the taste of beer harmoniously, the main ingredients are light malt and hops, due to which "Staropramen" Premium Lager acquired a noble golden color. Staropramen Lager uses only the highest quality natural raw materials - the selected barley and delicate hops with a rich aroma and a noble bitterness. The Staropramen pale beer is brewed by the bottom fermentation technology and is called Pilsner, or Pilsner more correctly. The beer bears this name thanks to the Czech city of Pilsen. Back in 1842, Bavarian brewer Josef Groll created a hoppy drink that was brewed using advanced technology at the time. So the new beer instantly became a breakthrough. The use of light malt and hops from Zatec as well as soft water, for which Pilsen was famous, together with the bottom fermentation technology - all this made it possible to create a clear golden and incredibly tasty hop drink. A distinctive feature is the hop bitterness, which characterizes it as a Czech pilsner. You are a connoisseur of original recipes and you love premium Staropramen beer? Dive into the history of Czech traditions, because the "Old Spring", as Staropramen is literally translated, is an original, distinctive Czech beer with a unique flavor, brewed in the purest soft water. Our couriers will deliver at night this delicious lager beer in the shortest possible time anywhere in Kiev, so you can enjoy it as soon as possible.
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