Delivery vermouth Martini Bianco night in Kiev
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Delivery vermouth Martini Bianco night in Kiev

Delivery vermouth Martini Bianco


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Tasting notes


Vermouth is a light straw color.


Vermouth has a mild flavor with a hint of spice and vanilla.


Vermouth has an unusual taste, which the astringency and bitterness combined with sweet notes. Bianco less bitter and more refined than Rosso.

Gastronomic combinations

Martini vermouth do not drink during the meal. Typically, Martini drink or before meals as aperitif or after - in combination with fruit or nuts (especially salted peanuts). However, it is appraised as a drink all day drinks, which can be drunk slowly, during a conversation or during household chores. In addition, the Martini - a perfect base for a variety of cocktails. It is drunk with ice or lemon, and soda, juice, lemonade or tonic.

Interesting Facts

Formerly known as biancissimo (the whitest), Martini Bianco is a type of sweetened dry vermouth - a fortified and flavored wine - that was first introduced in 1910. Although the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, Martini Bianco is made from filtered white wine, sweetened and infused with various botanicals including vanilla flowers, spices, herbs, citrus zest, bark and roots. Round-the-clock delivery of alcohol in Kiev will reveal to you the secret of Martini's success and will deliver it to your address in 30 minutes. This alcoholic clear drink is characterized by a layered combination of flavors and aromas, including spicy, floral, citrus and sweet vanilla notes. In Europe, Martini Bianco is usually consumed as an aperitif, preferably served pure with ice and orange peel. However, it can also be mixed well with sparkling water, tonic or lemonade, and as a great cocktail ingredient that perfectly replaces sweet vermouth. Martini Bianco is produced by Martini & Rossi from Turin, which offers many different styles of vermouth, including the classic sweet red Martini Rosso vermouth. Alcohol overnight in Kiev with the fastest overnight delivery, vermouth Martini Bianco in two volumes of 0,5 and 0,7 liters are presented in the assortment of Lomka Bar.
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