Delivery Vermouth Martini Extra Dry at night in Kiev
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Delivery Vermouth Martini Extra Dry at night in Kiev

Delivery Vermouth Martini Extra Dry

Region:Italy, Piedmont
Style:Vermouth, dry
Manufacturer:bacardi Martini

595 грн

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Tasting notes


Vermouth straw-colored vermouth.


Vermouth with a more pronounced aroma than Rosso, which clearly shows notes of raspberry, lemon, and a slight hint of iris.


Vermouth has a unique taste - dry but not bitter.

Gastronomic combinations

Martini Extra Dry is consumed pure enough chilled. Vermouth serves as the basis for a huge number of cocktails. It is served with ice and a slice of lemon.

Interesting Facts

In 1890 the Rossi sons began to develop a recipe for a new dry vermouth, and in the same year they released a new Martini with only 30 grams of sugar per liter. It took another ten years before they finally introduced Martini Extra Dry for New Year's 1900 , fresh for the beginning of the new millennium. Bark and wood, macerated and distilled, play an important role in the aromatic balance of this vermouth. Fresh raspberries and lemon zest give this vermouth a citrusy note. Overnight delivery of alcohol - free of charge in Kiev will deliver classic vermouth Martini Dry quickly to your address. The drink will be chilled to the desired temperature and ready to drink pure or in a cocktail, with juice or Schweppes, which are in the range of courier delivery of alcohol from Lomka Bar. A delicately flavored martini with notes of raspberry, peach melon, apple pulp and skin, lemon and subtle flavors of acacia honey. The aroma of apple peel comes to the forefront of the palate with a background of toffee, light wood notes and balanced acidity. Light, tangy, aromatic, cinnamon apple and white peach aftertaste. MARTINI is a timeless classic that has been ordered by everyone from Churchill to Hemingway. Although the exact recipe is a matter of debate, here is what we believe to be the perfect balance. The exceptional freshness of MARTINI Extra Dry vermouth pairs well with tangy, sour flavors and is great with fatty foods like oily fish. Round the clock delivery of alcohol Kiev quickly deliver you a timeless classic Martini Dry at any point of the city of Kiev. Try it in combination with the silvery acidity of pickled sardines or anchovies
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