Wine Delivery Antico Ducato Lambrusco clock in Kiev
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Wine Delivery Antico Ducato Lambrusco clock in Kiev

Wine Delivery Antico Ducato Lambrusco

Style:Sparkling, dry
Manufacturer:antico Ducato

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Tasting notes


The wine is pale straw-yellow color.


Wine has a pleasant fruity flavor.


Delicate taste of wine, light, with delicate fruit and floral notes.

Gastronomic combinations

The wine goes well with appetizers, salads, cheeses and fish dishes.

Interesting Facts

"Ancient Duchy" is how the name of the local Italian winery Antico Ducato translates from Italian. The company owns about 80 hectares of land, cultivated entirely organically. The 80 hectares are divided into 5 estates in the areas most suitable for Lambrusco production: 4 estates in Reggio Emilia and 1 estate in Modena. The high plains and foothills of Emilia are particularly suitable for grape growing due to the microclimate and the characteristics of the clay soil. The region has a climate that is hot and sunny in summer and harsh in winter, when fog envelops the plains and snow covers the hills. The Emilia region is an incredibly fertile land that gives birth to world famous varieties of Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma ham, Culatello, Salami, Mortadella, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, historical and famous dishes such as tortellini in broth, cappelletti, lasagna and Bolognese. tagliatelle and, obviously, the inevitable Lambrusco . Order delivery of Lambrusco, white dry wine, in Kiev you can round the clock on the site L Lomka Bar. Alcohol delivery in Kiev with a wide range of sparkling wines Lambrusco satisfy even the most selective wine lovers. After all, round the clock courier delivery of Lomka Bar is the best wines for your table. Respecting a territory that maintains a connection with a rich gastronomic and wine tradition, Antico Ducato works with enthusiasm to ensure a more accurate selection of grapes and the constant modernization of processing techniques. Lambrusko grapes are the most famous variety of Emilia region and one of the most popular in the world. It is a black grape with a sour taste, which produces red or rosé wines, many of which are very popular, with a characteristic flavor and aroma, slightly sparkling Antico Ducato lambrusco Dry Italian white dry wine, which has a light fruity-floral taste, slightly sparkling. You can order delivery of alcohol in Kiev at night, as Lambrusco white dry wine perfectly combines with light snacks with fish, salads and cheeses. Lambrusco has always been here in Emilia, so much so that its first traces go back to antiquity. It is in every way a local vine, that is, a vine that was born and grew in a particular area. But the characteristics and beauty of Lambrusco in our territory do not end there. Lambrusco is a vine with many varieties in it, about 15. Each variety has its own distinctive characteristics. So we welcome you to Emilia-Romagna, one of the most prosperous regions of Europe, recognized in the world as the queen of the table, where unsurpassed culinary and wine reigns .
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