Wine Delivery Cotnar Cabernet clock in Kiev
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Wine Delivery Cotnar Cabernet clock in Kiev

Wine Delivery Cotnar Cabernet

Style:Red, dry
Manufacturer:Cotnari M
Grapes:Cabernet Sauvignon: 100%

475 грн

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Tasting notes


The wine is ruby-red color.


Wine has sophisticated, delicate aroma with almond and violets notes.


Taste the wine refreshing, light, with spicy astringency, spicy and fruity nuances.

Gastronomic combinations

The wine goes well with red meat and cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Cotnar is the largest modern plant for the production of Transcarpathian wines. It is made on European equipment that meets the standards for the production of quality wine. The total area of our own vineyards is 180 hectares. Carefully selected grapes come straight to the line of primary vinification - in the hands of the chief winemaker of the factory Veres Geizo, a true wine fanatic. Wine and winemaking are the meaning of his life. Alcohol delivery from Lomka Bar is a true fanatic of his craft. Hour delivery of alcohol in Kiev offers the best range of wines from different regions of Ukriana. Delivery is free at your address anywhere in Kiev. Traveling in the Transcarpathia, touch the mystery of making wines Cotnar as this noble Transcarpathian wine with a unique taste and aroma is worth your attention! Cotnar Cabernet (Cotnar Hills) is a red dry wine made of selected Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that give the wine a royal scarlet color. Cabernet wine is rightly considered the king of red wines. Its strength is 9.5-14%. The sophistication of almond and violet aromas adds to the exquisite bouquet, so the wine feels somewhat spicy. The tartness is given by the tannin, so from the first sip there may be a feeling of dryness on the palate. In this case, it is recommended to mix with a lighter wine to reduce the strength of the Cabernet. But in Cabernet Kotnar there is not too much tannin, and this is thanks to the experience of the Transcarpathian winemakers. The taste is dominated by berry notes of black currant, cherry, plum. Moderate amount of tannin in combination with black currant is an indicator of the grape's maturity. Ukraine Cotnar Cabernet is also loved by true connoisseurs of red wines, so round the clock delivery of alcohol in Kiev from Lomka Bar, will bring you this exquisite drink right to your address. When you order a wine Cotnar Cabernet by courier delivery of alcohol in Kiev, be sure that we will bring it so quickly that the temperature of serving was the ideal 18 ° C. The best combination with Cabernet is fatty dishes, meats, charcuterie and grilled vegetables. Cabernet has a very pronounced flavor, so light dishes will outshine its full body. Fast courier night delivery of alcohol in Kiev and Cotnar will fill you with energy and power, which is filled with wine in every bottle of Cotnar and will make your evening more soulful.
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