Wine Delivery Txikito Liren clock in Kiev
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Wine Delivery Txikito Liren clock in Kiev

Wine Delivery Txikito Liren

Style:White dry

495 грн

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Tasting notes


Straw yellow.


Wine has a pleasant, fruity aroma with slight vegetable tones.


The taste of wine is light, fresh, harmonious, well-balanced, with floral and fruity tones and notes of citrus in the refreshing aftertaste.

Gastronomic combinations

Wine is fine as an aperitif, as well as in combination with seafood, light meals, salads, appetizers and fish.

Interesting Facts

Txikito Blanko (Lairen) is a quiet white dry wine of Castile. Lairen is one of the synonyms of the grape variety from which Txikito Blanko is produced, the Airen grape. Lairen is the 10th largest vineyard in the world. It is indeed a very popular table grape variety, little known in narrow circles because it is not considered noble, but widely-known in wide circles. Spaniards consume large quantities of wine, because what could be better than 100% natural wine from freshly processed grapes? This variety is like a workhorse, perfect for everyday table wines! Quiet wines, as opposed to sparkling wines, do not "play" - they do not contain carbon dioxide and those delightful bubbles with which champagne delights. They attract with a fine aroma, rich flavor with many shades and a long pleasant aftertaste. Round the clock delivery of alcohol in Kiev from Lomka Bar with a wide range of quiet wines very quickly deliver to your address and anywhere in Kiev wonderful young wine Thiquito Blanco. Tempranillo (Tempranillo is short for 'temprano', because the Tempranillo grape ripens a few weeks earlier than most, and is a favorite of Spaniards. The aroma has citrus and herbs, and the color is straw, light and fresh. This light base wine is perfect as a base for sangria. Just add ice and fruit! Best consumed chilled. No dinner in Spain is complete without a nice, light glass of wine. If you want to make the wine "play" add gaziosa to it, as the Spaniards do every day. Gaziosa is a specific carbonated water, not too sweet, like our "Zhivchik". It's just the thing to cheer up during a siesta on a sweltering Spanish day. Feel the Spanish leitmotif with Thikito Liren, order 24-hour alcohol delivery in Kiev and we will quickly organize a siesta right at your address in the shortest possible time!
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