Wine Delivery Villa Krim Shateau Baron clock in Kiev
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Wine Delivery Villa Krim Shateau Baron clock in Kiev

Wine Delivery Villa Krim Shateau Baron

Style:White, semisweet
Grapes:Aligote, Rkatsiteli

395 грн

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Tasting notes


Straw yellow.


Delicate, subtle flavor of wine is composed of floral notes that complement the nuances of exotic fruits.


The taste of wine is harmonious, soft, refreshing, pleasant, refined, with light fruity notes.

Gastronomic combinations

The wine goes well with salads, fruit and light curd dessert.

Interesting Facts

Wine TM Villa Krim is the first Crimean wine of European level. It has been produced since 2012 and has received many awards and positive expert reviews. The success of Villa Krym wine is due to the careful selection of seedlings of selected grapes, keeping in themselves the excellent selective technical properties and excellent taste characteristics. The qualities of the variety depend on the soil in which the grapes grow and the climate in which they are grown, as well as the skills of the winemaker. Villa Krim vineyards are located in the Crimean mountain valleys, where there are about 300 days of sunshine a year, and the soil is saturated with rose quartz. This mineral helps build and rejuvenate intracellular molecules. Summer in the Crimea is an unusually hot sunny days and record warm nights. This allows the grapes to ripen amazingly juicy and sweet, and their taste is rich and surprisingly fruity. This makes the Chardonnay grape variety incredibly delicious. Twenty-four-hour delivery of alcohol for free in the city of Kiev, with the best range of wines, quickly deliver Villa Krim Shateau Baron to your address, adhering to the optimum serving temperature. Villa Krim Shateau Baron is a white semi-sweet wine made from the classic Aligote and Rkatsiteli grapes, which give the wine a unique straw color and ease of drinking. Its strength is 9,5-13%. In the subtle bouquet of Villa Krym Chateau Baron stands out a subtle floral aroma with a light flavor of exotic fruits. The wine has a harmonious, light, refreshing taste with a nice soft subtlety. Villa Krym wine is produced by Alef-Vinale, the largest giant of the alcoholic beverage industry. The company Alef-Vinal, founded in 1999, has the most modern production and its own raw material base: five well-equipped factories and magnificent vineyards of more than 2500 hectares. Alef-Vinal activity includes not only production of alcoholic beverages, but also scientific and selection activity in winegrowing and winemaking. The company uses the most advanced agro-technical and agro-chemical methods of grape cultivation in its vineyards. Aligote from Villa Krim also became a favorite of light wine connoisseurs in Ukraine, so round-the-clock delivery of alcohol in Kiev from Lomka Bar will bring you "a piece of Crimea" right to your address. When you order Villa Krim Shateau Baron wine by courier delivery of alcohol in Kyiv, be sure that we will bring it so quickly that the serving temperature is 10 ° C, and the best partner for the white semi-sweet wine Villa Krim Shateau Baron is salads, fruits and curd desserts. Our fast courier night delivery in Kyiv and Villa Krim will not leave you indifferent and will make the evening more pleasant.
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