Wine Delivery SantOrsola Chardonnay clock in Kiev
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Wine Delivery SantOrsola Chardonnay clock in Kiev

Wine Delivery SantOrsola Chardonnay

Style:White dry
Grapes:Chardonnay 100%

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Tasting notes


The wine is straw-yellow color with greenish reflections.


The aroma of wine is filled with floral and fruity notes.


The wine has a dry, easy, pleasant, refreshing, harmonious, mellow taste with a soft texture, notes of ripe pear and white currant.

Gastronomic combinations

Wine is fine as an aperitif, goes well with appetizers, simple everyday dishes of fish and white meat.

Interesting Facts

Sant'Orsola" Chardonnay, Veneto IGT is a classic white dry wine made entirely from Chardonnay grapes. Sant'Orsola is one of the wine brands produced by the Italian wine industry giant Fratelli Martini. The wine has a golden straw color and attracts with soft, clean taste with fruity and floral hints and a pleasant acidity in the dry aftertaste.The wine's aroma shows an elegant, fresh finish with dominant hints of tropical fruit, herbs and white flowers. In the mouth the taste is light and smooth, with an excellent balance of acidity. The Sant'Orsola Chardonnay wine pairs beautifully with fish soups, risotto and white meats. Serve at 8 to 10 ° C. Alcohol delivery 24 hours a day Kiev from Lomka Bar with a wide range of quiet wines very quickly will bring to your address and anywhere in Kiev exquisite classic white dry wine "Sant'Orsola" Chardonnay. To get to the list of the largest family wineries in Italy - "Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi spa" has been operating since 1947,and from its founding to the present day and has shown continuous, constant growth. A philosophy according to which the most rooted local traditions are combined with modern and innovative technologies, in the name of the highest standards of quality and with the utmost respect for the characteristics of the grape. It is on these principles formulated and structured reality based on several brands and several wineries, such as Casa Sant'Orsola, Canti, 35° Parallelo, Collezione Marchesini, Il Cortigiano, Lo Zoccolaio, Villa Lanata, La Toledana. As already mentioned, quality is the guiding light of the company, so everything moves in this direction: the quality of raw materials; quality of production processes; quality in total safety; quality of technique; quality of a sustainable environment; quality of service and marketing. As a result, the excellent wines of Fratelli Martini, despite the different directions, are always able to satisfy all needs and tastes of the consumer. Among other things, with one of the most innovative and efficient bottling lines in all of Europe since the beginning of 2017, Fratelli Martini is certainly the pride of the peninsula, not only as far as winemaking is concerned, but for everything that concerns the business world.Night delivery of alcohol Kiev - modern delivery, which takes into account the consumer's request, has the best range of alcohol and cares about its customer. We deliver alcohol at a temperature ready to drink.
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