Delivery of vodka Finlandia Redberry clock in Kiev
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Delivery of vodka Finlandia Redberry clock in Kiev

Delivery of vodka Finlandia Redberry

Style:Premium Fruit
Manufacturer:Finlandia Vodka Worldwide LTD
Volume:0.5 l

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Tasting notes


Vodka red-orange color.


The mild flavor of vodka cranberry present note.


he vodka has a stunningly mild taste , fbright juicy notes of northern cranberry add zest to it.

Gastronomic combinations

Vodka can be used in pure form or with ice, it blends perfectly with tonic, can be the basis for original cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Finlandia brand was created in 1970 by ALKO, a little later Finlandia became one of the first vodkas sold in the USA as a premium segment vodka. During 1977-1983 Finlandia became the best-selling vodka in the world. Finlandia vodka is made from Finland's golden barley which grows in cold latitudes and matures under the northern sun - this gives the vodka a light and clean taste. The second main indispensable ingredient of the drink is melted glacial water. And as the producer himself says, of course the sun which never sets every summer for 72 days shines on the earth and on everything around and creates an extraordinary vodka. At the plant in Finland the initial distillation of barley takes place in seven columns with a height of 25 meters, using distillation systems. All harmful alcohols and impurities are removed in an endless process after more than 200 distillation stages. The process from the filling of the grain to the alcohol yield takes 50 hours. The residual product is transported 315 km away from the historic distillery, closer to Helsinki. There it is diluted with ice-cold water from the Rajamäki Spring. The water requires no additional purification because the water is filtered naturally through sand and moraines during the ice age in the sea. Are you ready to try this extraordinary drink? Then order an express delivery of Lomka Bar in Kiev up to 30 minutes. One of the popular varieties is Finlandia Redberry. Northern fragrant cranberry is the main ingredient of this drink. Thanks to it, this vodka is famous all over the world, it delights and mesmerizes with its magical aroma, flavor, and bright color of the Midnight Sun. Introduces expressive notes of cranberry, raspberry and a little bit of vanilla in a soft pure vodka. Lomka Bar offers you a great variety of drinks to choose from when you order overnight delivery.Order Lomka Bar delivery now and our couriers will deliver your drinks incredibly quickly.
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