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About Us

Lomka Bar – is an online alcohol store with delivery to all districts of Kiev.

Here you will find your favorite drinks, and if you suddenly did not find what you want, then immediately tell us about your preferences and we will gladly satisfy them.

Lomka Bar sells at fair value and guarantees quality. Each new order strengthens our confidence that we are doing the right thing!


Lomka Bar does not just deliver alcohol, but relieves its customers from unnecessary worries in the evening. When a group of friends is ready to have fun, when a sweetheart wants to start dinner, and someone has forgotten about her favorite wine, when suddenly there is a reason to celebrate a grand event or just the end of this glorious day ...

Our team always understands your desires and a delivery service has appeared to fulfill them. Reasonable sourcing and honest service makes our customers' lives kind of better and more carefree right now.


Each drink requires special attention. Lomka Bar diligently adheres to the requirements for storing alcohol so that it does not lose its style, richness and aroma.

For a fuller and more vivid taste, the Wines have the appropriate temperature:

Dry white wines - chilled to 10-20°С. In summer, these wines are usually cooled to 8-10°C.

We keep dry red wines at 16-18°С, this is the most optimal temperature for revealing the potential of wine, and it is not surprising, because in ancient castles, there was just such a temperature.

Dessert and Muscat wines have a temperature of 16-20°С.

Champagne and sparkling wines widely and harmoniously reveal all their advantages when cooled to 6-7°C, but not lower.

У Beers, including non-alcoholic ones, and drinks with a low alcohol content, have a temperature of 7-10°C.

The king of strong alcohol, whiskey – is a drink with character that needs certain handling conditions, proper storage of this drink from 5-15°C in a dark place.

True connoisseurs of cognac know that it is less picky - its temperature regime is not less than 5°С, but above 22°С.

Vodka is considered by many to be a harsh and heavy drink, but when properly stored and consumed it becomes an interesting drink with its own unique taste. We have it chilled as much as possible so that upon receipt of delivery it is ready for use.

The liqueur does not withstand low temperatures, the favorable storage temperature for liqueur ranges from +12 to + 20°C and only in an upright position.

Undoubtedly, the excise tax on each delivered product corresponds to the quality and originality of the product.

We will be very glad to bring you subtle, graceful or seasoned pleasure in every drink.


Delivery across Kiev within one hour.

Checkout does not require prepayment.

Forms of payment - cash and non-cash.

Can't decide on your choice? Just let us know in any convenient way, the manager will contact you and help make this evening more pleasant.

Lomka Bar is always glad to any comments, wishes and suggestions, because only objective feedback from our dear customers will help make our service even better and more convenient.

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