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Herbal tincture liquor Becherovka Lemond 20% 0.5 l
Herbal tincture liquor Becherovka Lemond 20%

Volume: 0.5 l

Price: 765 uah

Liqueur Becherovka liqueur with herbs 38% 0.5 l
Liqueur Becherovka liqueur with herbs 38%

Volume: 0.5 l

Price: 795 uah

Liquor Jägermeister 35% 0.7 l
Liquor Jägermeister 35%

Volume: 0.7 l

Price: 995 uah

Liquor delivery

In the Middle Ages, alchemists, doctors and monks were looking for the elixir of life, and produced a large number of well-known liqueurs. These are drinks that will diversify any party in bustling Kiev. Fragrant, usually sweet alcoholic drinks made from berry or fruit juices, spices or aromatic herbs, server chilled (or not) Lomka Bar awaits your choice. They are used both diluted and as part of a variety cocktails. And if not for a party, then they are very tasty at the end of a dinner with tea or coffee. And of course they can be used for preparing all kinds of dishes and desserts.

If due to traffic jams, you did not have time to buy in the evening, or it turned out you didn’t buy enough, with our deliver service will help you out.

Choose liquors online through Lomka Bar at a great price and for delivery to you at any time of the night right to your door.

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