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Martini Bianco Wermuth 15% 0,5l
Martini Bianco Wermuth 15%

Volume: 0,5l

Price: 595 uah

Vermouth CINZANO  Bianco 15% 0,5l
Vermouth CINZANO Bianco 15%

Volume: 0,5l

Price: 595 uah

Wermuth Martini Extra Dry, white powder 18% 0,5l
Wermuth Martini Extra Dry, white powder 18%

Volume: 0,5l

Price: 595 uah

Martini Bianco Wermuth 15% 0,75l
Martini Bianco Wermuth 15%

Volume: 0,75l

Price: 795 uah

CINZANO Bianco 15% Vermouth 1 л

нет в наличии

CINZANO Bianco 15% Vermouth

Volume: 1 л

Price: 895 uah

Delivery of Vermouth

With our night-time deliveries in Kiev, Vermouth will be on your desk in a matter of minutes.With our night-time deliveries in Kiev, Vermouth will be on your desk in a matter of minutes.

In translation from German "Vermouth" literally translates as wormwood.

Vermouth is a type of flavoured, fortified wine with the addition of wormwood and other herbs and spices.

Such wines have been known since ancient times and have been used for medicinal purposes, but since the 18th century they have become popular as an aperitif. Vermouth is an integral part of many cocktails. For your convenience and to save you time, Lomka Bar couriers will deliver the missing ingredient of your cocktail as soon as possible.

Vermouths are divided into Italian and French, but they are also produced in other countries, including Ukraine.

Try the classic cocktail recipe based on Vermouth - "Martini" - the ingredients for this can be delivered at night throughout Kiev by Lomka Bar:

  • - 100 ml dry vermouth
  • - 100 ml Champagne
  • - juice of a quarter of lime
  • - 2 ice cubes

And don't worry if you don't have ice for your cocktails - the Lomka Bar couriers will even deliver ice so quickly that not a single drop of water will have time to fall from it!!!

Vermonth is one of the most famous aperitif drinks, and has gradually gained popularity. Initially, Vermouths were divided into two types: sweet and dry, now there are different versions of the drink: for example, extra-dry white, sweet white (bianco), amber (amber), pink. Each manufacturer carefully guards its recipes. Vermouth contains at least 75% wine, most often from white grapes, the style of the wine is not as important as the production and the ingredients used: herbs, flowers, spices, roots, stems, etc. Whether you want it for the first time or it turned out you need some more - we will be happy to deliver the drink of your choice befopre the night is out.

Choose Vermouth online through Lomka Bar for a great price and delivery at any time of the night right to your door.

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