Cinzano Vermouth order delivery at night in Kiev
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Cinzano Vermouth order delivery at night in Kiev

Delivery Vermouth Cinzano

Style:Vermouth sweet

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Tasting notes


Vermouth is white in color.


Vermouth has a fresh aroma with hints of vanilla, flowers and spices.


Vermouth has a balanced, pleasant, sweetish taste with notes of fresh herbs, lemon, spices..

Gastronomic combinations

Vermouth is served chilled, you can drink it with ice or mixed with drinks: juice, soda or lemonade, you can also use it to make cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Gruppo Campari. Cinzano vermouth was first developed in Turin in 1757 by two brothers, confectioners and distillers. The first vermouth, "red", quickly gained popularity, after which the brothers created "white" Cinzano Bianco. Campari started in 1860 with its signature bitter aperitif. Gruppo Campari acquired Cinzano in 1999. One of the most popular vermouths on the market today, Cinazano Bianco is made from sweet white wine and a number of herbal ingredients, including gentian, cinnamon, citrus, wormwood and cloves. Round the clock delivery of alcohol in Kiev from Lomka Bar, will bring the most popular and beloved Italian vermouth to your address. We have to thank Cinzano for the prevalence of Bianco style, they were the ones who emphasized this diversity in marketing in the 20th century. It has a transparent color, but with a fresh pale yellow hue. It is famous for its fine rich aroma with notes of flowers, cinnamon, marjoram, quince and thyme. On the palate sweet and pleasantly buttery, with a hint of cinnamon, herbs, fruit and vanilla, a long and bittersweet aftertaste with a slight citrus aftertaste. The final product is a sweet affordable vermouth that pairs well with bitter Italian sodas, citrus juice or lemonade. It has also become an indispensable ingredient for bartenders who want to add complexity and sweetness to their drinks. At any time of the day, Cinzano will be appropriate on your table, whether as an aperitif or as part of a signature cocktail. Are you a connoisseur of quality Italian vermouth? Then night delivery of alcohol from Lomka Bar in Kiev - will deliver unsurpassed Cinzano Bianco at night as soon as possible so you can enjoy this original and incomparable vermouth Cinzano Bianco.
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