Cinzano Vermouth order delivery at night in Kiev
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Cinzano Vermouth order delivery at night in Kiev

Delivery Vermouth Cinzano

Style:Vermouth sweet

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Tasting notes


Vermouth is white in color.


Vermouth has a fresh aroma with hints of vanilla, flowers and spices.


Vermouth has a balanced, pleasant, sweetish taste with notes of fresh herbs, lemon, spices..

Gastronomic combinations

Vermouth is served chilled, you can drink it with ice or mixed with drinks: juice, soda or lemonade, you can also use it to make cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Cinzano (Cinzano Bianco) - a famous even from the distant 1757 vermouth from Italy, which is popular in numerous countries. From the famous Martini (Martini), Cinzano has a very fresh taste of lemon, herbs and spices, as well as the original for the entire line of vermouth flavor. Often vermouth is not a snack, but if you still want to buy some snacks, then we will be happy to help. Such chocolate drink fit that to the article we have in stock and you can order them online with CINZANO Bianco. Also, lemon, which We give as a gift. Chinzano- versatile drink that is delicious to drink, even in conjunction with other interesting ingredients. Vermouth This is an excellent basis for the set of interest alcoholic cocktails. Very pleasant taste has this vermouth, mixed with the juice and ice. Cinzano connoisseurs recommend drinking it with orange juice, which you can also choose from our non-alcoholic beverages directory. No less well suited mango and pineapple. The vermouth he advised to add a slice of orange and a few drops of lemon juice.