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Brandy Tavria V.S. 40% 0.5 l
Brandy Tavria V.S. 40%

Volume: 0.5 l

Price: 565 uah

Brandy Old Kakheti 3 years 40% 0.5 l
Brandy Old Kakheti 3 years 40%

Volume: 0.5 l

Price: 695 uah

Brandy Ararat 3 stars 40% 0.7 l

нет в наличии

Brandy Ararat 3 stars 40%

Volume: 0.7 l

Price: 995 uah

Cognac Hennessy VS 40% in a gift box 0.7 l
Cognac Hennessy VS 40% in a gift box

Volume: 0.7 l

Price: 2295 uah

Delivery of Cognac

We know that you wanted a great night, we know you may not have had time to buy everything in the evening, we understand sometimes drinks run out: we can fix it with an overnight delivery. Cognac is not just a drink, expensive Cognac is also an excellent gift or investment. Cognac it is popular in our country, but few people know that it is a grape brandy. We canl help you a little with your choice before delivery. It is made from certain varieties of grape: Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard, Montil.

Cognac is a drink made in in accordance with French production laws and given a star rating. The budget option has 3-5 years exposure, so 3-5 stars. Vintage ones withstand at least 6 years and use good alcohols. And expensive ones are collection cognacs more than 20 years. For about a hundred years this traditional male elixir has been around and it now longs to be in your delivery.

Choose Cognac online through Lomka Bar for great price and delivery at any time of the night right to your door.

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