Delivery brandies Ararat 3 stars around the clock in Kiev
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Delivery brandies Ararat 3 stars around the clock in Kiev

Delivery brandies Ararat 3 stars

Manufacturer:Yerevan Brandy Company
Volume:0.7 l
Excerpt:3 years
Class:3 stars

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Tasting notes


Cognac has a nice amber color with with a golden tint.


We live cognac, spicy and slightly metallic aroma, with floral and fruity tones, set off by hints of fresh butter and oak.


In cognac strong and intense flavor, slightly burning in the beginning. Fine sweetness gives way to the light at the end of dryness.

Gastronomic combinations

Cognac is a great digestif, and is also suitable as a complement to coffee.

Interesting Facts

The beginning of Armenian brandy production was laid in 1887 in Yerevan by the merchant and philanthropist Nerses Tairyan, who was the first to introduce in his factory the classic French technology of distilling alcohol. His cousin Vasili Tairov inspired him to take up this challenge: an experienced winemaker and scholar, he could appreciate the nature's generous gift - the unique conditions of the Ararat Valley and the high quality of the local grapes like no other. In just a quarter of a century the Armenian brandy gained the international recognition and its production gained an incredible scale. ARARAT owes its bright taste first of all to the climate of the Ararat Valley, the variety of local soils and grape varieties. Each September the farmers and their families gather the whole harvest by hand in just a few weeks: the work is in full swing from dusk till dawn, so the picked berries don't lose their flavor qualities and get to the press as soon as possible. Yerevan Brandy Factory specialists use pneumatic presses, designed for production of expensive champagne wines: only delicate pressing, which doesn't damage seeds and skin, allows preserving rich flavor of Armenian grapes. The natural fermentation of the pressed juice yields high-quality white wine, the material necessary for further distillation of cognac alcohol. Three year old ordinary brandy ARARAT "Three Stars" is the youngest and most daring in the range. It is distinguished by the lively and spicy aroma of blossoming fruit trees and an intense, slightly scalding taste with notes of fresh home baking. Lively and dynamic, brandy ARARAT "Three Stars" - will bring the warmth of sunny Armenia in the hours of rest and at any table. The majestic sight of Ararat always takes your breath away, just like the first sip of the eponymous brandy. The two peaks of the legendary mountain are an inseparable part of Yerevan's landscape and are depicted on all the labels of ARARAT cognacs without exception. Do you want to feel all the elegance of the mountains and the beauty of nature of Armenia? Order Lomka Bar delivery right now and our couriers will quickly and carefully help you to be transported to the foot of Mount Ararat.
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