Delivery of beer Corona Extra night in Kiev
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Delivery of beer Corona Extra night in Kiev

Delivery of beer Corona Extra

Style:American Lager
Manufacturer:grupo Modelo
Beer:Bright, filtered

120 грн

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Tasting notes


Beer is a pale golden color with large white froth.


The beer flavor felt shades of grain, corn, biscuit and herbs.


Beer taste delicate, refreshing, dry, light, soft, with notes of corn, grain, malt, lime, bitter hops, sweet aftertaste.

Gastronomic combinations

Served chilled beer, in a bottle, with a slice of lemon or lime. It can be used with cheese, clams, barbecue, Thai, Latin, Indian cuisine.

Interesting Facts

Corona Extra is the world's best-selling Mexican beer and the number one imported beer in the US and Canada. A tropical pilsner-style light beer sold in distinctive transparent, labeled glass bottles at a concentration of 4.5% ABV, is often served in bars in export markets with a slice of lime inserted into the neck of the bottle. Although the lime slice has become synonymous with Corona and now forms part of the brand's image, very few Mexicans drink beer this way, preferring to leave the lime to tourists and foreigners alike. First brewed by Corona Extra by Grupo Modelo in 1925 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company. The beer is light straw in color, light in taste and has a slight hop bitterness. Oblivious to the idea that beers sold in clear glass can be hit by light due to the reaction of sunlight with hops, the brewer says beer has always been sold in clear bottles, “because when you only use the very best ingredients, you have nothing to hide. Corona's sales are boosted by a hugely effective advertising campaign dedicatedfor to relaxing under the palm trees on the white sands of Mexico's beaches. Corona is sold in over 150 countries worldwide. It is the Crown that is the embodiment of life in the moment, life here and now, the embodiment of philosophy that has conquered the whole world! It gives real impulse, energy and inspiration to every minute of your rest. So, for almost a century, bringing people together: strangers became friends, and old friends got together to taste this unique corn drink. Corona does not seek to complicate anything, so Corona is very easy to drink. Many have tried to repeat the success of Corona, in taste and appearance, but the Corona is the only one. And in those simple, everyday moments when you want Corona, the best solution would be to order free courier delivery in Kiev. Whether it's a hot evening or night, we will try to deliver your order instantly! Living in the moment is the style of Corona Extra.
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