Delivery of beer Leffe Blonde night in Kiev
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Delivery of beer Leffe Blonde night in Kiev

Delivery of beer Leffe Blonde

Style:Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian / French El
Manufacturer:Anheuser-Busch InBev, Brand - Leffe
Beer:Bright, filtered

140 грн

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Tasting notes


Beer of golden color.


The beer has a delicate, sweet malt aroma with slight bitterness.


The taste of beer elegant, smooth, dry, with noticeable hints of fruits and spices, hints of toast and hops, the perfect combination of strength and refinement. In the aftertaste is felt shades of honey, orange peel, clove nuances.

Gastronomic combinations

Beer goes well with red meat, smoked ham, sweet and sour dishes, Brie cheese and all blue cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Leffe Blond is a true light Abbey beer with a slight hint of bitterness. Centuries of experience combined with light malt, water, hops and yeast infuse Leffe Blond with a subtle flavor and a golden color that catches and reflects light. Notes of cloves combined with vanilla make Leffe taste even milder. The fullness of flavor is best revealed just in a Leffe cup because it is the cup that gives the opportunity to soft, to show the true elegance of the fresh essence of this hoppy drink. Leffe is not only a great beer as an aperitif, it also goes perfectly with elite cheeses, red meat, sweet and sour dishes. Night delivery of alcohol after 11:00 pm at your address will quickly deliver Leof Blond . Round-the-clock alcohol delivery from Lomka Bar has only the best hops in the range, delivers Leffe Blond chilled in the city of Kiev. Beer contains 6.6% of turnover, the ideal serving temperature of Leffe Blond is 5-6 ° and is necessarily in a branded Leffe bowl. It is in the bowl that all the notes and the special corniness are revealed. The oldest beer in Europe in Ukraine is Leffe Blond. It is delivered directly from Belgium by the Ukrainian branch of Sun in Bev Ukraine. Leffe is an original, indeed, traditional Belgian beer, the recipe of which dates back to 1152. Ordering delivery of elegant, truly Belgian beer, Lef Blond, you get in the top ten, because Lef is not only a perfect aperitif, but also an independent hop drink, which never ceases to amaze with every sip the completeness of taste and variety of flavors. We deliver delicious Leffe Blond and Leffe Brune beer 24 hours a day in Kiev to your address, chilled, so you can fully experience the richness of taste of this unique beer. Twenty-four-hour alcohol delivery from Lomka Bar, in addition to delicious Belgian beer, will deliver you a perfectly combined with him snacks and delicacies, our operator will recommend the best positions to make your evening even cooler.
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