Delivery of beer Stella Artois night in Kiev
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Delivery of beer Stella Artois night in Kiev

Delivery of beer Stella Artois

Style:Lager, lager European, European Light Lager
Manufacturer:Anheuser-Busch InBev
Beer:Bright, filtered

100 грн

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Tasting notes


The beer has a golden yellow color


The aroma of beer contains notes of fresh grass, citrus fruits, nuances of corn.


The beer has a fresh, refined, bitter taste with citrus and nutty nuances.

Gastronomic combinations

Beer can be consumed as an aperitif, with snacks, Japanese and German dishes, cheeses, poultry and fish.

Interesting Facts

Stella Artois is a classic Belgian beer. The premium lager has been brewed traditionally for almost a century, since 1926. Exclusively for Stella Artois, the University of Leuven, where it was first brewed, developed and patented a special filtration technology that is still used today. Stella is a bottom-fermented beer from the famous Anheuser-Busch InBev, which makes it available all over the world. Stella is a beer that has a mild and noble taste and also has a distinctive feature of pilsner - a slight bitterness. Truly, an exquisite drink! Hops are strongly felt, more than in other lager beers, which is wonderfully balanced by caramel and nut notes. This mix of flavors is called "nut body flavor." On the aroma, you can feel the banana and flowers, and the smell of freshly cut meadow grass gives Stella a crystalline freshness. An overnight delivery of chilled beer to five degrees and you'll feel the full flavor range. And to know that Stella is ready to drink, pay attention to the inside of the bottle label and there you'll see a rose. The rose is an indicator that the beer has cooled to serving temperature of 5 degrees. Stella Artois is an impeccable beer and is the epitome of the classic traditions of European brewing. For this, and not only that, the true connoisseur of pilsner and loves Stella Artois. From generation to generation Stella is brewed only from high quality raw materials using the purest spring water and the old recipe and new technologies make it possible to keep the highest quality level of Stella Artois. Such popularity of Stella Artois is absolutely justified! The key to success is in the simplicity and clarity: high quality, stylish design and an incredible advertising campaign have made Stella a sales leader for the century. The company values its customers, protects its cultural heritage and constantly improves the quality in order to offer us the most exquisite Belgian Stella Artois beer. Order courier delivery in Kiev and make sure that Stella is the beverage, which is worthy of attention of Belgian beer connoisseurs. Our couriers will deliver the beer chilled to the desired temperature for you to fully enjoy the noble taste and incomparable flavor of pilsner.
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