Martini Bianco Vermouth order delivery at night in Kiev
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Martini Bianco Vermouth order delivery at night in Kiev

Martini Bianco Wermuth 15%


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Tasting notes


Vermouth is a light straw color.


Wermuth has a mild flavor with slight tinge of spices and vanilla.


Martini Bianco has an unusual taste, which the astringency and bitterness combined with sweet notes. Bianco less bitter and more sophisticated than Rosso. It is drunk very easily.

Gastronomic combinations

Martini vermouth do not drink during the meal. Typically, Martini drink or before meals as aperitif or after - in combination with fruit or nuts (especially salted peanuts). Martini - a perfect base for a variety of cocktails. It is drunk with ice or lemon, and soda, juice, lemonade or tonic.

Interesting Facts

Lomka company is a well-known symbol of sweet life- Martini. Since all the inhabitants of Kiev are in a constant flow of events, we offer fast delivery great night of drinks, in this case, Martini Bianco. This drink is still noticed Gippokrat is seasoned white wine and has healing properties. It was used to treat indigestion and stress relieving. This drink has gained popularity after the company Distelleria Nazionale Di Spirito Di Vino, which specialized in the sale of wines, liqueurs and vermouths, came Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi. By the way, Luigi Rossi, without changing the composition of the bouquet Piedmont, brought it to perfection, coming to the unique composition of herbs (more than 100), spices and wine, which is used in this drink today. Wermuth Martini pure drunk in a special low glass with lemon slice and dice lda- if Bianco, Rose or Extra Dry. We, in turn, take into account these nuances and lemon donate a gift, that you fully enjoy your drink.
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