Delivery vodka Khortytsya silver cool clock in Kiev
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Delivery vodka Khortytsya silver cool clock in Kiev

Delivery vodka Khortytsya Silver Coolness

Manufacturer:Global Spirits
Volume:0.5 l

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Tasting notes


Vodka pure, transparent, brilliant color.


Vodka aroma is fresh, clean, with light hints of menthol.


Vodka has a refreshing and cool taste nuances with mint and menthol.

Gastronomic combinations

Vodka is used for snacks, pickles, hot and cold, in cocktails.

Interesting Facts

GLOBAL SPIRITS is considered one of the main leaders in the production of alcoholic beverages. It is a holding company that includes wine, cognac and vodka brands. Their products are exported to about 100 countries around the world and are headquartered in New York. GLOBAL SPIRITS' portfolio includes the following brands - HORTITSA, MOROSHA, OREANDA, MIKADO, PERVAK, MEDOVUKHA, SHUSSTOV, VILA MARE and other companies known to our consumer. The corporation is a major player in the production and sale of alcohol. In its structure there are the largest plants in Ukraine - Distillery "Khortytsya" and "Odessa Cognac Factory". These production sites are equipped with the most high-tech and modern equipment. Distillery "Khortytsya" - one of the largest in Eastern Europe and, undoubtedly, the largest in Ukraine, producing alcoholic beverages. This is the only plant that was built from scratch in Ukraine on a unique project, and is equipped with the best equipment of the world's technological leaders of the food industry. Highly reliable bottling lines, engineering systems, pumps - all this ensures the accuracy of each operation, from careful dispensing to high-quality labeling and labelling. The plant manufactured its first products in 2003. The oldest alcohol manufacturing company in Ukraine is undoubtedly the Odessa Cognac Factory. Its history dates back to 1863 and is inseparably connected with the Shustov dynasty. The factory joined GLOBAL SPIRITS Holding in 2007. It was fully provided with modern European equipment, distillation plants, which ensure an uninterrupted production cycle using technologies that are more than 150 years old. In 2017 at the enterprise was installed the biggest akratoforom apparatus for production of sparkling wine by tank method. Vodka "Khortitsa Silver Cool" - it is a perfect balance of taste, with an exquisitely-soft, subtle flavor. It is made on the basis of natural living water and the best alcohol "Wheat teardrop. Khortitsa was the first manufacturer to make vodka based on this spirit. Infusion of oat flakes adds a special softness to the product. This drink is known all over the world because it is the flagship product in the brand's lineup. It is distinguished by: - unique bottle design - modern manufacturing techniques - high level of raw materials. Order Lomka Bar delivery right now and our couriers will carefully deliver your order 24 hours a day in Kiev.
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